Our Volunteers are the best…

Another Heart of Gold Film Festival done and dusted for the year. 5 long days preparing and serving mostly fresh local produce to enhance the experience for festival goers and raise a few dollars for Little Haven as well.

My heart is full of gratitude for our 30 odd volunteers (and staff donating their time too) who helped out. From our young helpers who gave up their last days of school holidays to keep the dining room tidy, our dishwashers who spent hours with their hands in the sink, the stalwarts who were their every day from woe to go putting in 12 hr days, right through to our octogenarians who came in early everyday to make the scones. Thank you all for your hard work. You are the salt of the earth.

We took a vote and outright winner of the golden heart goes to our beautiful Coral Pettit who just gives and gives quietly and calmly day in day out to Little Haven xxx

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