Vale Phyl Moran 28/12/1923 – 13/09/2016

Vale Phyllis Moran – Foundation Member of Little Haven Palliative Care

28/12/1923 – 13/09/2016

I’d like to start with this message from Kathy Walker posted on The Little Haven facebook page

Dear Phyl, She was beside Mum (Phyl Little) right from the start, fundraising and spreading the palliative care message. She kept the fight going to raise funds for Little Haven Palliative Care. She was a wonderful lady and some might remember she and Kev at the Service Station, back when Paul was young.

Into her later years Phyl was still selling tickets to functions, driving around to places and would call in at work with her bank bag rattling and make sure we bought tickets. Seeing her would bring memories of Mum and their work together.

She was a tireless worker for Little Haven. We must remember it started around 1981, with a dream to have a building for palliative patients. 35 years ago she would have been 57 yrs old. As is the case, plans can change for the better, and Little Haven enables the patient to stay at home with family. Thanks Phyl Moran. For all you did for Gympie and assisting Mum in her dream. Your work set a fine example to the volunteers of today. Kathy


I bet the 2 Phyls were a formidable pair!

My first meeting with Phyl was when I joined the Little Haven committee in 1998. To be honest she was a bit grumpy that day. Someone had spent some money on something she didn’t deem necessary to the cause and we all knew about it.  That was Phyl, You need never wonder what she was thinking. I liked her immediately and thankfully for me she seemed to like me too.

I was quickly to learn her value as a committee member ~ with her sharp mind and quick wit she brought a unique historical insight to the meetings. ALWAYS looking to the good of Little Haven.

She was the link to our founder and a conduit to our founders family

When I told Phyl I’d like to meet the Little family she insisted I follow her out to Motorcycle country there and then. What a trip that was – For an octogenarian she sure knew how to get peak performance out of that little brown car. And then I saw Phyl in her all her fundraising glory – After introducing me around she hit them all up for raffle tickets. You didn’t say no to Phyl.

As a founding member Phyl continued on the board until 2008 – Rarely missing a monthly meeting. 2008 was a big year for Phyl receiving recognition for her tireless work she was awarded not only Life membership of Little Haven but was also  one of only 15 Queenslanders to receive the Premiers Award for outstanding Qld Seniors.

That was a lovely day and I was privilege to join the Moran family at Government House to see Phyl receive her honour.

The following year the Gympie Quota Club recognised her contributions to the community awarding her Quota Woman of the Year.

Never sort or expected these recognitions were well deserved awards for a life well lived.

But first and foremost Phyl was a volunteer and was loved and respected by all she worked with. Historical data about the early days of Little Haven often mentions Phyl’s outstanding achievements in running street stalls, raffles and gaining community support and donations. Always at the ready to help with whatever fundraisiers were going well into her 80’s, her name was always first on the roster.

She’d say “I can’t do much but I can do anything”, which is exactly the attitude that’s seen the organisation she helped found, continue to grow.

Some of you will remember her doing shifts at the Legends Wine Bar at the muster. An 80 year old clearing tables, sweeping floors and getting ‘picked Up’ by patrons. “Some of these blokes can get a bit frisky” she quipped.

It was whilst doing volunteer work at the shop in 2009 she tripped and broke her hip. She was made of tough stuff Phyl but subsequent health issues saw her reluctantly retire from volunteer duties.

Still she stayed connected, attended functions when she could with her friend Bronwyn Saunders, she scanned the papers for news of Little Haven, devoured the newsletters and enjoyed regular call ins from some of the volunteer friends she had made, Joyce, Ailsa, Diana and particularly Heather Balderson, who was a wonderful friend to Phyl. Heather, Phyl and Pat Kerridge (another foundation member) would meet for fish and chips every second Thursday and I’m forever grateful to Heather that she organised the lovely photo tribute presented to Phyl and Pat at last year’s Volunteers Christmas Party. Pat died earlier this year also, so how special was that. Their photo sits alongside Phyl Little’s photo front and centre at Little Haven. And we know they continue to guide Little Haven’s path.

I was an infrequent visitor, but our visits were always enjoyable. Phyl loved her sport, was always interested in what my children were up to and she was pleased with the path Little Haven was progressing.  But more than anything she LOVED her grandchildren Travis and Courtney and she was so proud of them. More often than not she was half way through writing one or other of them a letter J

Thankfully I got to see Phyl a couple of weeks ago and like my first meeting – she was grumpy, but who could blame her. She had had enough and was angry she was still about. We talked and in the end we both agreed someone with her tenacity was never going to just slip away quietly. With that out of her system she was back to the old Phyl, talking about her family and enjoying seeing photos of my kids J

Little Haven was truly blessed to have Phyl Moran and our community is a greater place for her contribution.

Rest in Peace Phyl. We’ll miss you

Sue Manton 20 Sept 2016

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