Respite Care

Our trained volunteers are available to give carers a break either during the day or overnight. This can help relieve the stress experienced by carers and provide companionship and support to client and carer.

“I just lost my first friend, a lady that I have visited for months.  I was privileged that she welcomed me into her home as a volunteer for Little Haven.  Her family always made me welcome and there was always a cup of tea, a kiss from the dogs, friendly conversation and even an occasional laugh.  There were times when I was sure the doctors had got it wrong and that she would get up and get on with her life. Then there were times when I knew her body was finding it hard to keep up the fight, but it still fought as hard as she could, so that she could have a little more time with those she loved.  I will miss her.  I am so lucky that I got to know her even if for such a short time.  She gave me more than I could ever give her.  I was always asking, “Do you need anything?  Is there something more I can do for you and your family?”  Always the answer was, “No”.  Everyone seemed happy that I just came for a chat and visit and my friend would even get out of bed when I popped in, even if it was painful for her.  What a wonderful gift Little Haven allowed me to share in.  I hope that I was able to bring a little comfort and hope and laughter into her life.  So many people ask me how I can do this.  If they could feel what I feel they would know that I get so much more from this than I ever can give.  I have new friends and was trusted and respected and all of that makes my life richer and fuller.  So for now, I will cry for the loss of my dear friend but I will always be grateful that I was able to share this most precious time with her and her loving family.”

Respite Volunteer from Little Haven

If you’d like to apply to become a Little Haven volunteer please click here