Why Volunteer?

The benefits are many. Your offer of time may be the deciding factor in enabling a family to keep their loved one at home where they can receive quality care in a familiar environment.

You will become part of a friendly, supportive team, increase your personal development and practical skills, and meet some memorable people.

All  volunteers undertake orientation and ongoing training in their area of interest, and are encouraged to regular volunteer and/or respite meetings to keep their interest and knowledge up to date.

Little Haven volunteer
Peter Anderson is a member of the Australian Association of Massage Therapists and specialises in oncology, lymphodema and remedial massage. Peter has volunteered at Little Haven since April 2008.

Volunteer your stresses away”

Contributed by Peter Anderson (Volunteer Complementary Therapist)

Although it sounds odd to recommend adding more work to your week to relieve stress in our often over busy lives, it is amazing what volunteering can do for you, for your self image and for your stress levels. Volunteering at Little Haven has enriched my life in unexpected ways. You may only be able to offer a day a week as a volunteer, but when you see the difference your gift of time can make to a not-for-profit organisation you’ll find that your volunteer hours will make a huge difference to you and your view of the world. You’ll find that you are working with people who are secretly angels for change bringing kindness and compassion back into our community, and best of all is the change that volunteering makes within each of us – the individual volunteers. Volunteering with an organisation like Little Haven is an awakening to the strength and courage of human nature.

Even with cancer and loss being ever present the atmosphere at the centre is one of honesty, enthusiasm and a thirst for life which is something that everyone can learn from. Volunteering can give you the opportunity to use your own unique gifts that may not be appreciated in your normal work. Every not-for-profit organisation needs people who can offer trade skills, write a grant application, do the laundry or operate a lawnmower and your unique skills and gift of time will free another person to work on the front lines of volunteering. At Little Haven, not every volunteer is an in-home respite carer working in the front line of palliative care or offering support in the chemotherapy ward.

I am a qualified masseur who runs one of the Little Haven Complementary Therapy clinics, but I know there is a whole army of volunteers working behind the scenes in the office and out fundraising in the community so that Little Haven can continue to keep professional palliative care nurses on call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year. I feel that it is an honour to be part of the Little Haven family of volunteers, who work so hard and so cheerfully.

The biggest secret about volunteering is that you enjoy your time because you work with people who appreciate what you do and what you can offer. You develop a good feeling about yourself when you find meaning in your work and your life. A positive self-image is essential giving you the opportunity to nurture the mind, body and spirit through a holistic approach to life.

You’ll find that feeling good about yourself can help you to relax, and when you are relaxed you will be better able to handle your everyday worries easily, effectively, intelligently and with a minimum of stress.”

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