A thought provoking tale

A very thought provoking tale to share from an excellent article (link to full article provided below)

There once was a frail elderly man who lived with his son, daughter-in-law and four-year-old grandson.

One day, the son became impatient with his elderly father, because in his old age he caused a mess at every meal. So every night the son made his father sit alone in a room with a wooden bowl to eat by himself, so that the rest of the family would not be bothered.

One day, the son came home from the fields to find his four-year-old son sitting on the kitchen floor playing with scraps of wood. “What are you doing?” asked the father, sweetly. Just as sweetly, the boy replied, “I am making a wooden bowl that you can use when I grow up.”

Credit: Dylan McGuinty Jr.

Link to full article https://ottawacitizen.com/opinion/columnists/mcguinty-in-an-era-of-assisted-death-we-need-palliative-care-more-than-ever