Luke Chaille Origin Gympie Lightens the load for Little Haven

Each year Origin holds internal awards to recognise employees for their contribution to health, safety, environment and community (HSEC). Along with the recognition for their commitment to improving workplace health and safety, the finalists are awarded $500 to donate to a charity of their choice.

Luke Chaille, the Gympie/Maryborough Origin LPG terminal manager was one of the 2018 five finalists, nominated for his innovative idea, design and development of a motorised trolley system for transporting gas cylinders. With full cylinders weighing in excess of 80kg transporting them was very difficult with workers facing possible back and hernia injuries, and older workers finding they could no longer carry out the job.

Little Haven CEO Sue Manton visits the Origin depot to meet with branch manager Luke Chaille and hear first-hand the benefits of the trolley.

Luke used his initiative to come up with a workable solution along the same concept as a mobility scooter. He rolled out his first design for use in his own depot and such was the success and popularity it is now being trialled in terminals throughout the state and nationally.

Local business Oztac Engineering benefits from the contract to build the frames and while the motorized drive system is imported, the assembly is also all done locally in Gympie.

Andrew Hardinge from the Gympie Origin branch loves Luke’s innovation, saying “The trolley takes all the physicality out of the job. Older workers will no longer have to leave the job they love because of the challenge of pushing full cylinders up hills and such.”

Luke has selected Little Haven to be the recipient of this donation. Luke said, “He has seen their work first hand in caring for his father in law and also providing ongoing bereavement support to his mother in law”.

Sue Manton, Little Haven CEO, congratulated Luke on his invention and welcomed the opportunity to purchase 2 lightweight wheelchairs with the donated funds. “It seems appropriate to use this wonderful gift to also lighten the load for our carers”, Sue said.

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