I just found out that my disease is incurable. What do I do?

Ask yourself what your goals are as you enter into the final phase of life. How can you make yourself the most comfortable? Do you want:

  • to continue on exactly as before, with no thought of what will come?
  • to pursue aggressive care and treatment?
  • to allow nature to take its course?
  • to take complete charge of your care?
  • to let someone else decide what’s best for you?

The decision is yours to make, and whatever you decide is correct for you. We all have the need to make decisions concerning the way we die and the way we live until we die.  Little Haven will respect your choices, support your decisions and promote optimal quality of life.

You may make one decision when you first get the diagnosis and quite a different one after six months of chemotherapy. You may begin by insisting on “cure” goals and later realize that a cure is not possible or the treatments too draining and choose to adopt “comfort” goals. Perhaps you’ll move in the other direction, changing your “do not resuscitate” order to “do everything possible to keep me alive.” Your latest decision is the only one that counts. You have the right to change your mind, and your changes of mind should be honoured.

Whatever your decisions, Little Haven will be there to support you. With nursing care and advice on call 24 hours a day, symptom management, provision of equipment, access to a range of complementary therapies, education and support for both you and your family. We will be your advocates in meeting your end of life goals.  Far beyond mechanical medical support, our nurses, therapists and respite volunteers provide support for the spirit. In truth the last moments of time – be it days or weeks are all about spirit. The spirit of the one passing and the spirits of those remaining will be nurtured by all at Little Haven.