Kandanga Biggest Morning Tea 2023

On Tuesday, May 23, 2023, at Kandanga’s Biggest Morning Tea Little Haven’s CEO, Sue, had the honour of being a guest speaker. For those who don’t know, Sue has been a speaker at this event in previous years, so it was a great chance to catch up with many locals.

Kandanga Biggest Morning Tea

The turnout was fantastic, with approximately 100 people attending the event. Sue had the opportunity to meet individuals from various places, including as far away as Brisbane and Rainbow Beach. It’s amazing how an event like this can bring people together, fostering connections that span distances.

In her talk Sue took the opportunity up to date the audience on some of the highlights of the work that Little Haven has been doing since she last spoke. She also touched upon the current funding issues Little Haven is facing with QHealth.

Afterwards, Sue had the pleasure of catching up with many individuals whose lives had been touched by Little Haven’s care. One particular encounter stood out—a couple from Brisbane expressed there amazement that such a service exists, having heard wonderful things about Little Haven from other attendees, they longed for the same kind of support closer to home. It’s moments like these that highlight the impact Little Haven has on people’s lives and the demand for such compassionate care everywhere.

Overall, the Biggest Morning Tea event was a resounding success, warmly embraced by the community. The outpouring of support and attendance was truly heartwarming. Events like this remind us of the power of coming together to make a difference.

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